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Ways You Can Promote Mental Wellness in Your Workplace

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Mental health is an often-overlooked dimension of workplace wellness. Individual employees and human resources departments can promote mental wellness by taking action to promote mental wellness. They can promote mental health by installing a mindfulness room, providing free therapy and counseling sessions, and promoting mental health positivity.

Therapy and mental health positivity

Therapy has effectively treated various mental health issues, including depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders. Therapy can be a way of life to optimize individuals' and organizations' development. Employers recognize therapy as an effective way to improve workplace productivity and satisfaction.

Mental health positivity encourages individuals to be present and engaged with colleagues, celebrate success, and feel good about themselves. Employers should recognize the power of positivity at work by creating a sense of inclusion for employees struggling with social anxiety or PTSD. Mental health positivity enables you to recognize signs of mental health issues in employees and work to resolve the issue before it reaches a boiling point.

Reducing the stigma of mental health

When it comes to mental health issues, many employers are still very reluctant to talk about them. This can make life difficult for individuals with a mental illness, as they may find their ability to work hindered due to the stigma attached to any mental health condition. You can reduce the stigma by being transparent about your well-being and providing resources that teach employees how they can find help if needed.

Another way is to provide training for those in managerial roles to help them recognize the signs of mental illness. This can be important as it will allow them to address problems earlier and make it easier for employees to get the help they need when dealing with various issues. You can also provide a health plan for your employees that allow them to take days off work if they need it due to mental illness.

Value of mental health days

Mental health days have proven to lead to significantly more "on-the-job creativity" than similar non-mental health days. Mental health days enable individual employees to look after themselves outside of the workplace during those times of day when they are most productive. Employers should view mental health days as something that are not just beneficial for their staff but also for the organization and society as a whole. When mentally well, people are more productive and can perform at the highest level possible, leading to increased profits and success.


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