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Professional Women are Suffering from Alarmingly High levels of Burnout.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Burnout is a state of exhaustion caused by prolonged physical, emotional, and psychological stress. The most common Burnout is job burnout which means work-related stress. Though both men and women can experience this condition, women are more likely to report the signs of Burnout.

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In 2020 , thirty-two percent of women reported continuous Burnout from work, while twenty-eight percent of men said they feel job burnout. Forty-seven percent of working mothers suffer from Burnout because of the constant hustle between young children and work.

According to this 2022 Deloitte report, fifty-three percent of women complain that their stress levels have increased compared to the last year and almost half feel burned out. They are experiencing poor mental health, which is why one–third of them take time off work due to mental health challenges.

These pieces of research prove that professional women are suffering from alarmingly high levels of workplace burnout.

Why do women experience workplace burnout more than men?

Burnout escalates more among women than men. Many internal and external factors make women consider leaving their job due to extreme exhaustion and mental stress.

The most common stressors that trigger Burnout among professional women are:

  • Too much workload with hard deadlines

  • Lack of resources

  • Poor leadership with unfair treatment

  • Criticism at workplace

  • Inability to maintain work-life balance

These are some of the most apparent reasons for Burnout from work. However, some other reasons are usually overlooked but make a huge difference, such as:

  1. Gender inequality. Women often have to work harder in male-dominated sectors to make their mark.

  2. Pay difference. In the United States, women still earn 82 cents for each dollar earned by men though this difference has narrowed since 1973.

  3. Sexual and Verbal harassment. Still, in 2022 women are harassed sexually, verbally, and psychologically.

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How to recover from Burnout as a woman?

If you are looking for some easy and effective methods to deal with workplace burnout, here are the seven things you should do for your burnout recovery:

  • Don’t get hard on yourself, and understand your problem.

  • Make your emotional, psychological and physical well-being your top priority.

  • Get some mental health support.

  • Connect with your friends and family who can help you get through the problem.

  • Maintain your work-life balance.

  • Keenly examine your work environment and determine the stressors that trigger your Burnout.

  • If you are exhausted from working at the same place for a long time, change your workplace.

Follow these steps and see the significant change. Also, never forget to believe in yourself no matter how difficult the situation is.

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