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5 Tips for How to Make Your Wellness Practices Inclusive

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

1. Expand Your Circle

Suppose you have people who look like you in your network. In that case, it's time to change your group and hear from other people in different groups who have different experiences. Meet new faces, partner with nonprofits serving women's communities and invite friends to join you in workouts.

2. Embrace New Practices

Embrace new wellness practices. Try different cuisines and habits. Buy new wellness products, engage with the manufacturers on social media and spread the word about these products to your family and friends. Your support for these brands can expand your worldview of wellness.

3. Share Your Habits

Share your wellness habits. Tell your neighbors, family and friends about your new healthy habits. The support you get from these people can make your healthy habits stick. They can also be inspired to eat better and improve their own bodies.

4. Practice Self-Care

Practice self-care if you're looking for tips on how to make wellness inclusive. Exercise, eat plant-based diets, journal, sleep well and meditate first thing in the morning. Have a body massage and take a relaxing walk in nature.

5. Create Safe Spaces

People feel free where they're welcome. Create a safe place for yourself and others to express your authentic selves. Make healthy changes to improve the way you think about yourself. Ask "How do I feel?" instead of asking, "How do I look?"

In closing, to make your wellness inclusive: expand your circle, embrace new practices, share your habits, practice self-care and create safe spaces for yourself and others, and you're good to go.

How Bien-Être Can Help

We help busy professional women restore balance in their lives by assisting them to discover their inner goddess and recover from burnout by journaling and helping them realize and develop their own resilience.


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