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How Sound Healing Can Help You

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Although it is often thought of as a new age concept, sound healing dates to the ancient Greeks. Back in the day, sound was used as a therapy for boosting the working spirit and treating psychological disorders. While many sound healing practitioners still prefer tuning forks over other instruments, music has evolved immensely and taken up newer and more intuitive ways of healing.

Sound healing synchronizes the listener's brain waves and helps them achieve a state of relaxation. So nd can shift the lower frequencies of guilt and gloom to higher frequencies of joy or simply facilitate restoring the normal frequencies of our body cells It makes use of either or both voices and instruments to induce a state of relaxation.

How Does Sound Healing Work?

The human body primarily comprises water (75%), a great conductor for sound vibration. The vibrations can shift our brain waves to achieve a relaxed state, a meditative state, and even a sleeping state and begin the process of internal healing. The s is how some songs and music affect our emotions and make us feel a certain way every time we hear it.

What Can Sound Heal?

Sound healing is a proven therapy that can improve moods and help with depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, sleep disorders, pain management, and lowering anxiety and stress.

What Benefits to Expect from a Sound Healing Session?

Much like any other form of alternative healing, sound healing results in varying experiences for different individuals. While most people will have a soothing experience limited to feeling relaxed, some might have visions and emotional episodes. However, the typical list of benefits of sound healing is inclusive of the following:

Stress Relief

Unfortunately, more people are dealing with stress now than in the past. With sound healing, people's brains can be entrained to respond better to stressful stimuli. This has both short-term and long-term benefits, as not only does it improve the stress response, but it also lowers the risk of stress-induced health issues.

Sleep Enhancement

Sound sleep and sufficient resting hours are essential for the proper functioning of our bodies While some people report immediate positive effects of sound healing, others need regular therapy before the benefits start. show Sound healing is reported to help with insomnia issues as well.

Immune System Stimulation

As sound vibrations may be able to alter your brain activity, they can boost your immune system by producing an anti-inflammatory effect Sound therapy has reportedly reduced levels of cortisol and stress hormones in listeners, and improved pain management too.

Sound therapy is an effective alternative healing me thod, and it is best suited to those open to non-traditional healing and cautious of the side effects of medicinal drugs It is conducted around the globe and even has religious and tradition-backed support. In the Vedic tradition of Hinduism, Nada Yoga, the sound is used to restore physical and mental well-being. While many Muslims believe the sound of the Qur'an and Adhan to have healing powers. Therefore, not only has sound healing been around for a good while, but it is also accepted among people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.


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