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Three Adaptogens to Alleviate Adrenal Fatigue for Working WomenThree Adaptogens to Alleviate Adre

Although you might feel tempted to reach for the coffee pot first thing in the morning, your daily cup (or three) of joe could be doing you more harm in the long run. The truth is, too much caffeine can send your adrenal glands into hyperdrive and eventually cause even more burnout and fatigue by stimulating your sympathetic nervous system into a state of flight or fight that keeps your cortisol levels high and your energy at an all-time low. 

However, when you add adaptogens into your daily routine, you give your body a natural boost to get you through your day. Now, you might be wondering what adaptogens ARE? Honestly, it's just a fancy term used in phytotherapy as an alternative method of integrating stress-relieving supplementation into a more holistic lifestyle.

That's because adaptogens are a compelling way of relieving adrenal fatigue and creating a sense of peace and calm within. If you are curious to learn more,  read on to discover three amazing herbs that are well-documented to work wonders for women who are experiencing burnout and are ready for change.


Also referred to as Indian Ginseng, ashwagandha is an excellent herb to use for insomnia and memory retention, and it also helps daily stress levels by:

  • Lowering cortisol levels

  • Regulating thyroid function

  • Reducing unwanted weight gain

  • Managing oxidative stress on red blood cells