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If Life has exhausted you, try Guided Journaling.

In today's rush-rush world, it's not unusual to have this constant sense of burnout. It's not always because you're not getting enough rest. As women, we manage work, family, money, and so much more that keeps us running, worrying and losing hair.

Guided journaling helps promote mental wellness, via reflective writing, prompts, affirmations, and questions, we come to better understand how we fit in an often stressful world.

Guided Journaling vs. Regular Journaling

Regular journaling is mostly a stream of consciousness, using an open forum for our interior monologue. Guided journaling has a structure that promotes therapeutic remedies and relieves stress.

Guided journaling is an exercise that trains your brain to manage routine reflective thinking that minimizes irrational thinking or beliefs.

Benefits of Guided Journaling

Guided journaling has several benefits and can help you find internal peace.

  1. Guided journaling influences understanding of how your experiences and upbringing impact who you are now.

  2. It allows the exploration of emotions, thoughts and behavior from an objective viewpoint.

  3. The process aids in becoming more intentional and mindful concerning how you conduct yourself.

  4. You learn how to manage and select your thinking and feelings and develop mastery of your own self and mind.

  5. Guided journaling helps change patterns, providing the framework for goals.

  6. The process relaxes you, taking you away from the stress of daily life.

  7. Through writing, you gain greater acceptance of yourself and admiration for yourself and your journey.

  8. Guided journaling lets you turn your experiences into valuable lessons.

  9. Journaling helps you grow.

Guided journaling promotes a sense of well-being, increased productivity and deep gratitude for who you are. It's therapeutic and works well alongside therapy, managing a collaborative, purposeful journey, promising to alleviate burnout and make dealing with the day easier for every woman.

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