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The French Concept of Bien-être and how we can learn from it

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Être is probably the most common verb in French, and it means “to be.” According to the online Collin’s Dictionary, Bien-être means “the welfare of a person or group is their health, comfort, and happiness.” That means the term refers to our mental well-being and its importance. Such welfare that focuses on nourishing one’s health, comfort, and happiness, enables an improved emotional state and better social interactions.

Your mental health is an essential aspect of your health. One big part is the stories you tell yourself.

That voice inside your head can be your biggest cheerleader, reality-checker, or adversary. Your mental health affects how you think, feel, and act

. It also determines how you cope with stressful situations, which is of utmost importance irrespective of age.

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