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How to Meditate If you have no idea where to start!

Many women just starting out with meditation often find it difficult to concentrate. This is because they're often distracted by a lot of things. As busy women you have a lot going on!

However, with little practice, you'll soon become familiar with whatever distracts you and then be able to overcome it.

Sit on a Cushion, A chair or Lie Down.

Sit on a cushion and straighten your back, sit in a chair or lie down (I meditate as I find it uncomfortable to sit straight due to tight hamstrings). Straighten your spine if you are physically able to. This posture will help you concentrate on your breathing as you breathe in and out. Then position your legs however you like and in such a way that you'll feel comfortable for the time.

Position Your Hands However You Like

Hold your hands however you feel most comfortable. Some ideas include folding them in your lap or allowing them to hang at your sides but make sure each posture will enable you to clear your mind and concentrate on your breathing.

Tilt Your Chin

Tilt your chin as if you're looking downward towards your chest. This will help you open up your chest and ease your breathing.

Set Your Timer

Set your timer for as long as you want to meditate. It doesn't have to be for an hour. You can start small with about 1 to 2 minutes per session and then increase it to 5 minutes, 10 minutes or however long you need at the time.

Close Your Mouth

Close your mouth as you breathe. One approach is only breathing through your nose, which will help you control your breath. No matter how you choose to proceed, try to relax your jaw muscles without clenching your jaws or grinding your teeth.

Concentrate on Your Breathing

Focus on your breathing and don't allow your thoughts to wander around. All other thoughts will vanish once you concentrate on your breathing. You can focus on how your lungs expand and contract, how air passes through your nose as you breathe or even the sound of your breathing. However, do whatever you're comfortable with.

If you're starting out with meditation, you must have these tips on meditating effectively for beginners at your fingertips to ensure you achieve the desired results.

If you find self-guidance too tricky, don't be afraid to use an app like headspace, calm, or Shine; I use Calm and Shine for guided meditations daily!

How Bien-Être Can Help

We help busy professional women restore balance in their lives by assisting them to discover their inner goddess and recover from burnout.


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